Elevated Trackside Photography

Providing automotive, motorsport, and trackside photography services in and around the Phoenix Metro area. Whether you want to capture yourself or your team at an event, or are looking for coverage of an entire event, Elevated Trackside Photography’s team of talented and experienced photographers will deliver a quality product that will exceed your expectations.

Race Day

You have a lot to take care of before your car hits the track, let us handle your capturing your memories. We will capture you and your car as it moves around the track and provide you with a collection of images you would be proud to show off to your friends, family and just maybe potential sponsors.

Event Coverage

When you attend an event where Elevated Trackside Photography has been retained by the event organizers, you do not have to worry about making arrangements for your car to be photographed. We shoot every participant, and make the photos available as digital downloads or as professionally printed photographs. If you are looking for an experienced professional photography team, ask your event organizer to reach out to us. 

Off Track

Every vehicle has its story and we want to help you tell yours. Regardless of whether or not you’re sharing your project on social media, or showing off a vehicle that your company or organization sponsors. We will make your labor of love look its best whether it is in motion or sitting still. 


Compelling photographs are vital for anyone who is is trying to tell a story. Elevated Trackside Photography is experienced working with media outlets and agencies looking to promote a product or event. Whether you are writing for a motorsport publication, or creating a marketing campaign for a new vehicle or product, Elevated Trackside Photography is your choice for photojournalist motorsports coverage in Arizona.

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